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There should be a word that encapsulates being seduced by a website: webduction. The website that has me so enticed is the one for Villa Talia Tasmania, a bespoke luxury hideaway located in the sublime Huon Valley, only 30 minutes drive from Hobart. Think of a country-homestead-meets-French-provincial-villa perched on a breathtakingly beautiful hillside overlooking rolling hills, waterways, vineyards, and cows. And then there’s that bathtub. I will be talking more about the bathtub soon. If this sounds tempting, how about we add some nearby wineries, restaurants, cafes and delightful country towns to explore just to sweeten the deal.

Villa Talia
Villa Talia Tasmania with the view

You are probably already salivating about just how good this all sounds – just like I was – and this was even before I had set foot inside the door. I must admit to being a little apprehensive on the drive from Hobart to Villa Talia and ths was due to my expectations. Was this stay going to be as good as I had envisioned? Arriving at the turnoff it seems fitting the car stereo is playing the opening bars of the 12 inch single of ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet because I am hoping this stay will be exactly that.

As our car passes through the gates, we approach Villa Talia which gleams white in the afternoon sun and is framed by perfectly manicured hedges. We practically leap from the car and approach the entrance with the key code for the door displayed on my phone. This is just one bit of the high-tech magic that is incorporated thought the villa. A sweet electronic melody greets me and the door opens to a long hallway furnished with antique rugs and art. Some soft lounge tunes are emanating from the Bose sound system located in the dining and lounge area, setting the mood in this stunning abode on arrival. 

Villa Talia
A golden getaway awaits at the end of a rainbow

My wife and I eagerly explore each exquisitely decorated room, all of which are filled with lashings of understated French/Italian style, before both stopping in our tracks in the kitchen area. Sitting on the bench is a mouth-watering charcuterie board containing a selection of Tasmanian produce, strawberries, raspberries, figs and grapes accompanied by a chilled bottle of Ninth Island Tasmanian sparkling. After sampling some of these tasty delights, we continue towards the French doors that highlight the villa’s location and resume our exploration.

Villa Talia
Your welcome basket of fresh Tasmanian produce with a furry friend

Villa Talia truly is ‘Gold’ and the view of the surrounding Huon Valley is breathtaking, capturing the Hartz Mountains National Park, Huon River, farms filled with sheep, vineyards and the sound of happily mooing cows. Then there’s the bathtub, a hand-carved piece of outdoor bathing pleasure made from a single slab of volcanic rock. This is just one of many bespoke items that make this stunning property a masterpiece of genuine hospitality, with a kitchen filled with fine local Tasmanian produce that has you spoiled for choice.

Villa Talia
Morning bliss and breakfast with a stunning view

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As we settle into life at Villa Talia we are continually amazed at the attention to detail and style that we both agree makes this one of the best holiday accommodations stays we have ever experienced. There is everything you need for a gourmet brekky that could easily extend to lunch and dinner and includes locally produced milk, orange juice, freshly baked local sour dough bread and croissants, spreads, muesli, cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, free range eggs, double smoked bacon, chorizo sausages, baked beans, halloumi cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Villa Talia
Evening by the fireplace with red wine from the local vineyards

For beverages there’s is a well-stocked mini bar/wine fridge with drinks available for purchase. Having said that, there are also plenty of vineyards only a short drive away to tempt you with the perfect cider or wine to enjoy during the cocktail hour either in front of the fireplace, on the patio or in that gorgeous bathtub. What a lovely dilemma to have. The villa also has all the modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi, an ultra-modern kitchen with Miele appliances, washer dryer and a lovely Aesop toiletry range for bathing pleasure. Entertainment options are the TV and a selection of DVDs and CDs plus board games for wet days or evenings spent curled up in front of the fireplace.

Villa Talia
A bespoke bathtub with a backdrop to dream of and pure bathing pleasure

Before our stay, we had planned a variety of activities in the Huon Valley from tastings at local wineries to touring the local boat building centre and visits to the charming towns of Geeveston, Cygnet and Huonville. Once we arrived at Villa Talia it was tempting to never leave our beautiful accommodation (perhaps the only drawback of staying here) but we were glad we ventured out and discovered local highlights like Home Hill Winery, Cinnamon and Cherry Bistro and The Old Bank of Geeveston for lunch. For some extra entertainment, the laid back tour of The Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin didn’t disappoint and neither did foraging at local providores for our evening meals.

Villa Talia
Local dining is a must do with award winning restaurants and bistros only a short drive away

After three superb nights at Villa Talia, sipping pinot noir in front of the fireplace, lazing in the bathtub, star gazing with the telescope, drinking many coffees from the Miele coffee machine and soaking up the views every morning and afternoon, it was time to depart. As with any stay, you do have some things that are exceptional and some that are not so great. With Villa Talia, the only (very, very tiny) brickbat we could come up with was the queen rather than king size bed in the master bedroom. Not really an issue unless you’re a big 6ft 4″ guy like me.

Villa Talia
Main bedroom at Villa Talia

We are already planning a return visit to Villa Talia and would love to bring some friends along next time to share this very special place. We know they will love it as much as we did. The villa accommodates four to six people and can also cater for small weddings and celebrations, either self-catered or arranged by Villa Talia’s bespoke providers. As we drive out the gates for the last time, I set the stereo in the car to repeat Spandau Ballet’s “Gold” as a tribute to an amazing stay.

Disclosure: The writer stayed as a guest of Villa Talia and is already planning a return visit. Book a minimum of two nights to make the most of a stay here. Be warned, you won’t want to leave.

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