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Transiting at an international airport can either provide a relaxing opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy a change of scene or see you running to the gate for your next flight in a crazed panic.

The following transit tips will help make your next long distance flight a breeze.

1. Visit the airport website before you leave home to see what facilities are available for transit passengers. Complimentary wi-fi, resort-style swimming pools and cultural activities are just some of the many things on offer.

2. Popular airport hubs such as Changi in Singapore offer free or low cost tours for transit passengers. Visit the information desk on arrival to book your spot.

3. Check the airline magazine in your seat pocket for information on how best to reach the gate for your next flight.

4. Some airports offer a free shuttle service to nearby attractions where you can stretch your legs and pass the time.

5. If your inbound aircraft is running late and you have a connection, let one of the cabin attendants know. Sometimes they’ll hold the connecting flight if it’s a codeshare airline.

6. Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on and take a shower while you’re waiting for your next flight. This helps pass the time and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to continue your journey.

7. Book your connection with the same carrier or a code share airline so your luggage can be checked through to your final destination.

8. Do you need to catch an inter-terminal train or shuttle to the gate for your connecting flight? Check this out as soon as you arrive and you’ll avoid a stressful, last minute rush.

9. Buy any duty free at your final transit stop or you could have it confiscated during the security screening process. All carry-on liquids must be under 100ml, even if they’re sealed in a duty free bag during transit.

10. Don’t forget to change your watch to the correct time at your transit destination. So important yet so easy to forget when you’re jetlagged.

Disclosure: The writer has dashed to the departure gate more than a few times over the years.

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