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Moreton Island is the world’s third largest sand island and the jewel in Moreton Bay’s crown, with almost the entire island declared as National Park and the surrounding waters forming part of a dedicated Marine Park. Even better, this natural wonderland is just 75 minutes from Brisbane, with the ferry terminal located just 10 minutes from Brisbane Airport by taxi. Here are five ways to get your heart racing on Moreton Island.

Quad biking on Moreton Island

Explore beyond on the beach on a quad biking tour which winds through rugged bush tracks, before riders are let loose on the sand dunes behind the resort. It’s a slipping, sliding and speedy ride over the shifting sands of the rolling dunes. Although all abilities are catered for, the uneven terrain on this tour can be tricky at times. Less confident riders could have more fun joining the tour as a pillion passenger with one of the guides.

Quad biking on Moreton Island
Quad biking on Moreton Island

Snorkelling on Moreton Island

Discover stingrays, wobbegong sharks and a kaleidoscope of colourful tropical fish on a guided snorkelling tour of the Tangalooma Wrecks. This dive and snorkel site located just offshore is made up of 17 vessels which were deliberately sunk to create a break wall for small boats and an exciting wreck dive and snorkelling site. Although you can swim out to the wrecks at low tide, the current can challenge even the strongest of swimmers, so think twice before you attempt to go it alone.

Moreton Island snorkelling
Snorkelling on Moreton Island

Segway tours on Moreton Island

Fortunately the Segway tours on Moreton Island skip the Desert’s towering dunes in favour of the beach. Don’t be surprised if you see girls in bikinis zipping up and down the sand as they try out their new-found skills. Sunbathers and families favour the swimming area in front of the resort so follow your guide towards Tangalooma’s famous wrecks where you will have the sand pretty much to yourself.

Segway_in_Queensland, Tiana_Templeman
Segway tour on Moreton Island

Sand tobogganing on Moreton Island

Grab a piece of waxed masonite board and zoom down a towering sand dune at up to 80kph on a Desert Safari Tour which visits the Moreton Island Desert, one kilometre south east of Tangalooma Resort. Your legs might be begging for mercy but nothing will stop you climbing that sand dune one last time, pulling up the edge of the board for maximum speed and trying to avoid a spectacular sand-spraying wipe out on the way down.

Sand tobogganing on Moreton Island

 Swimming at Moreton Island

You need a 4WD to reach some of Moreton Island’s more remote beaches, such as the pristine 11km stretch along the island’s north shore, however everyone can swim at the easily accessible Tangalooma Beach, the pristine stretch of sand nearest the ferry stop. This 8km long beach has calm waters that sparkle in the sunlight, tempting swimmers to dive in, even when the weather is cool. Tangalooma Beach is surrounded by vegetated sand dunes, which provide welcome protection if the wind gets up. On a clear day, you can look across the water and see the distant high rise of Brisbane’s CBD.

Disclosure: The writer loves visiting Moreton Island with her family. Getting up that sand dune to go sand tobogganing isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Did you know three of the world’s largest sand islands are located in Queensland? We’ve also got some helpful tips for seniors visiting Moreton Island.

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