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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Getting on a plane may not be possible at the moment but it’s possible to indulge your love of travel without leaving home. Destinations around the world have come up with innovative ways for you to experience their incredible art, history, culture, and cuisine. When you take a virtual trip to these attractions, there’s no jetlag and you can go whenever you please.

Virtual Tourist Experiences

See the Northern Lights

There’s no need to worry about whether the dancing colours will make an appearance when you experience the Northern Lights virtually. You can also see the midnight sun with this virtual experience.

Northern Lights
See the Northern Lights

Explore an Egyptian tomb

One of the most beautiful tombs in the Valley of the Kings (Ramesses VI) which dates back to 1141 BC can now be explored on a virtual tour. This tomb has some of the most vibrant colours and well preserved structures in the Valley of the Kings.

Pizza Cooking Class in Rome

Join two Italian chefs as they break down the basic steps of making traditional Italian pizza in a live cooking class from their kitchen in Rome.

Take a virtual pizza making class

Dogsled ride in Alaska

Go on an exhilarating dog sled ride through a snowy pristine forest in Fairbanks in Alaska.

Dog sledding
Ride a dog sled

Virtual Tour of Madrid

Join a local guide for a virtual guided tour of Madrid, from their home to yours.

Virtual Tours of Tourist Attractions

Weta Cave & Weta Workshop, Wellington

Learn about the magic of movie making and creating mythical creatures on a 360 degree tour of the Weta Cave and Weta Workshop.

Artists at work at Weta Studios

Chena River, Fairbanks

There’s no worries about falling in when you take a virtual floating journey down the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Paris Catacombs tour, Paris

Join our expert guide from their home in Paris where they share the history and grim experiences of the six million individuals who make up the macabre Empire of the Dead within the Catacombs of Paris.

Tour the Paris Catacombs

Yosemite National Park, California

Marvel at the natural beauty of Yosemite on a virtual tour of this superb national park.

See the Sistine Chapel

Skip the crowds and have the Sistine Chapel all to yourself on a private virtual tour.

Great Wall of China, Beijing

Go on a virtual hike along the 10 kilometre Jinshanling to Simatai section of the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall of China
Hike the Great Wall of China

Virtual Museum Tours

The Dali Museum, Florida

Experience the wonderful and occasionally weird world of artist Salvador Dalí during a virtual tour of the entire Dali Museum complex.

The Smithsonian, Washington

Learn about Natural History at The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which is offering 360-degree tours of its exhibits.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Tour the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Munch Museum, Oslo

Take a private virtual tour around some of the world’s greatest museums on Museum Monday every week. The current series of tours focus on Oslo’s Munch Museum, with other museums to follow.

Te Papa, Wellington

Take a virtual tour of one of my favourite museums, Te Papa in Wellington.  

Poignant Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa

The Louvre, Paris

See The Louvre without the crowds with virtual tours including Egyptian antiquities and a Mona Lisa VR experience.

Guggenheim Museum, New York

Take a virtual tour of the Guggenheim Museum’s contemporary art collections.

Disclosure: The writer has braved the crowds to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre and lived the tell the tale. She thinks doing a virtual tour sounds a lot better.


Dr Tiana Templeman is an award-winning food and travel journalist, travel author and media industry academic. She is the creator of The Travel Temple, writes for Australian and international media outlets and appears on radio talking about where to go, what to see and travel industry trends.