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Most people press the ‘up’ button on the lifts at Palazzo Versace but today I’m heading to the basement to try the Aurora Spa. I have stayed at Palazzo Versace a number of times but this is my first visit to the Aurora Spa Retreat. I realise my mistake as soon as I walk through the door. The beautiful Grecian-style heated pool is available to all hotel guests but I have never used it. Aurora Spa Retreat at Palazzo Versace is an urban spa which provides an opportunity for the mind to relax and unwind as well as the body.

Aurora at Palazzo Versace has a sexy black and white colour scheme

Aurora on the Gold Coast is very sleek with a sexy black and white colour scheme and low lighting which makes everyone look instantly glamorous. Men would be equally comfortable here as the decor is sophisticated rather than overly feminine. Allawah is the latest treatment on offer and it is exclusive to Palazzo Versace. The name is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘to rest’ which is exactly what I did for the next 60 minutes. Allawah offers an added bonus: you get two therapists instead of just one.

When you are slipping off your robe or changing position, one of them leaves the room to give you some added privacy. I was very impressed with this. I have never been bashful in these types of these situations but I do know some people are extremely shy (yet would feel too embarrassed to say anything). If you are even a little nervous about disrobing at a spa, I would highly recommend you book a treatment here.

Allawah is the latest treatment available at Palazzo Versace’s spa

Allawah begins with a Welcoming Ritual; three deep breaths in and out using an essential oil to refresh the mind and restore harmony. It has a delicate rose scent with a touch of sage and is instantly calming. All of Aurora’s treatments use botanically active products that have been created especially for the spa. I haven’t been a fan of ‘own brand’ spa products in the past. Some of them seem ‘cheap’ rather than ‘bespoke’ however the ones at Aurora were very good. Allawah has two main components: a 30 minute two hand massage and a relaxing facial. With two therapists there is also time for extra treats including a hand, scalp and abdominal massage.

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If you don’t enjoy abdominal massage (or any of the other standard inclusions) the therapists can customise the experience to suit. My treatment began with a synchronised, soothing, four-hand massage over my back, neck and shoulders. The combination of four hands is said to balance both sides of the brain and lull the mind into a complete sense of harmony. It was profoundly relaxing, particularly for someone like me who tends predict what part of the body will be worked on next and tense up accordingly.

I found it easy to enjoy the experience because it was impossible to know what was coming next. The massage was followed by a facial which included cleansing, toning, massage and the application of a masque which was very soothing. I opted for an abdominal massage while the masque was on. At the same time, the second therapist performed a leg massage and foot exfoliation which focused on enhancing circulation.

If, like me, you spend long hours sitting at a desk you will feel a definite difference in your lower legs and ankles at the end of this treatment. It continued with a scalp massage which was synchronised with an arm massage. A refreshing spray of rose hydrating mist brought the spa treatment to an end. Allawah was as unforgettable and luxurious as Palazzo Versace itself.

Disclaimer: The writer was a guest of Aurora Spa Retreat at Palazzo Versace.

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