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QtQt Gold Coast Private Gardens

Grown-up cubby houses are what you’ll find at qtQT Gold Coast which also includes loads of extras like evening cocktail service, a luxe cheeseboard and canisters of delicious baked goodies that make you want to jump on the bed with joy. QT Gold Coast has always had a relaxed, classy and different vibe with retro-inspired decor and design. The new qtQT cabins take this cool retro concept to the next level with six individual wooden cabins that are comfy, cosy and perfect for sharing with someone special.

QT Gold Coast is one of our favourite hotels on the Gold Coast, and we couldn’t wait to try out one of the new qtQT cabins for two nights. Arriving for a qtQT Gold Coast stay is slightly different from when you visit the hotel as a regular guest. For a start, you have your own Curator of Sunshine.

We weren’t sure what to make of it when we first heard we had a Curator of Sunshine as part of our stay. Was it just a marketing gimmick or something really special?  To our delight, it turned out to be the latter. Rachelle, our Curator of Sunshine, liaised with us (and all the other qtQT guests) before our stay to customise our visit to suit our preferences and arrange free bike hire and other activities.

QtQt Gold Coast Cabin #4
Our qtQT Gold Coast cabin
QtQt Gold Coast Cabin Interior
qtQT Gold Coast cabin interior

Our Curator of Sunshine met us on arrival at the hotel and escorted us up to Level 2 of the hotel to a special area only for qtQT guests. Scanning our room key at the glass doors, we were greeted with a large outdoor dining area complete with a pizza oven, smoking BBQ and grill. Ideal for group dining, but it was all couples for the two nights we were there. Moving past this area, we emerged to find an immaculate garden and fire pit conversation area designed to impress. Surrounding the garden, were six cute cream-coloured cabins that practically screamed “trendy beach holiday”.

Rachelle presented our keys, and we walked into cabin number four (our top pick) which was like a cubby house for grown-ups. There was a Nespresso coffee machine and sweet-smelling Drift Candle that was ours to use while we were at the hotel and take with us when we left. However, we only had eyes for the half a dozen glass canisters filled with complimentary house made biscuits, slices, bliss balls and veggie chips to snack on during our stay. Rachelle also pointed out our cabin’s bespoke features, which featured products from I Love Linen in Burleigh, Saya Skincare amenities from Noosa and Harvest Clay ceramics crafted in the Gold Coast. It was great to see the hotel supporting fabulous local Queensland companies like these.

qtQT Gold Coast complimentary treats
qtQT Gold Coast complimentary treats

Before she left, our friendly Curator of Sunshine reminded us that our complimentary Aperitivo Hour cocktails and cheese board would be arriving at 5.30 pm and complimentary morning yoga was available the following morning as well. Some of qtQT Gold Coast activities are free, like weekend yoga classes and cruiser bike hire, while others like Japanese whisky tasting and a Sushi or cocktail making class, come at an added cost. Your Creator of Sunshine is also available to organise other experiences, like dinner at QT Gold Coast’s Japanese restaurant Yamagen or a limo ride to a theme park.  

Settling into our cubby house, we were impressed with the decor and great use of space with a good size shower/toilet area, mini bar and coffee machine, air conditioning and sitting space. Some other great touches were the wall-mounted wine rack with a bespoke wine selection and the outdoor swing seat on a private deck with matching deck chairs.  However, one thing we had missed when we were looking at the interior photos of the qtQT Gold Coast cabins on the website was the positioning of the king size bed on a high podium in one corner of the cabin.

Qt Qt Cabins QT Gold Coast
qtQT Gold Coast cabins have steps up to the bed

The only way you can get in and out of the bed is to wriggle across it and walk down some rather narrow stairs. My wife and I flipped a coin to decide who would have to do the tricky 2am bathroom visit dismount which involved climbing over the other person to get to the steps. I won so I didn’t have to clamber across the bed but there was no avoiding the steps. Not a big deal for us but if you have mobility issues, are less nimble or simply don’t want to take your chances on the stairs after a few drinks at dinner, you may want to book cabin number one as this cabin is accessible.

After a swim in the luxe QT pool and a chillout and a read on our deck, it was Aperitivo Hour and Rachelle appeared right on time with a cute DIY cocktail tray set up with mini bottles of vodka, tins of prosecco, hibiscus syrup and soda. The cocktail-making options changed each night which was fun. The cheeseboard was equally drool worthy so we settled back on one of the comfy seats outside.

qtQT Gold Coast lounge and private garden
qtQT Gold Coast lounge and private garden

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qtQT Gold Coast Aperitivo Hour selection
qtQT Gold Coast Aperitivo Hour selection

It was relaxing listening to the funky chillout music that was piped throughout the garden area and enjoying the cool ocean breeze while we sipped our cocktails. There’s plenty of room for each couple to spread out and have time together, plus the chance to chat to other guests if you like. We met some lovely people while we were staying in the cabins at qtQT.

We had already asked Rachelle to book us in for dinner at QT Gold Coast’s Yamagen Japanese restaurant which blends urban street style with pop-culture kitsch, old-school Japanese culinary traditions and a modern twist. It encapsulates everything good about contemporary Japanese dining with a nod to the classics which make this style of food so popular with a funky spin.

Set menus are available but we ordered a la carte with some hints and tips from our knowledgeable waiter about which dishes choose. Tender lamb cutlets cooked on the Robata grill were an inspired suggestion and provided the perfect contrast to our spicy popcorn prawns. For mains, we shared the teriyaki chicken which came with crispy skin and charcoal roasted spring onion.

Yamagen lamb cutlets
Yamagen lamb cutlets

Our main dish wasn’t large so there was definitely room for dessert. Unlike many Asian restaurants, the desserts at Yamagen are a standout. We ordered the special of the day (crème brulee) and the Insta-worthy Mt Fuji Apple dessert, which is a parfait shaped like an apple, covered with a red chocolate crust and served on a bed of almond nougatine. The latter costs $24 but it’s worth it!

Waking early, we skipped the complimentary yoga on the lawn in favour of picking up a couple of (complimentary) QT cruiser bicycles for a morning ride along the Gold Coast esplanade. This is a shared bicycle and pedestrian path featuring a sideshow of characters strolling along and enjoying the spectacular ocean and beach views. This was lots of fun and something we’d love to do again.

Breakfast beckoned us back to the hotel and after a quick shower, we headed downstairs to Bazaar, QT Gold Coast’s famous buffet. We don’t usually enjoy buffet dining but we’ve loved this restaurant since it opened and it only seems to get better.  With all of the pastries made in-house (it’s worth coming here for the almond croissants alone) and gourmet breakfast delights cooked to order, the breakfast is delicious and well worth the extra spend as it carries you through until dinner.

That afternoon we tried out another fun QT Gold Coast activity, a one hour cocktail making class at Stingray, the funky bar tucked away on one side of the lobby. We hopped behind the bar and got to make two cocktails of our choice with a bartender – and discovered that making cocktails is much harder than it looks!

Bazaar QT Gold Coast Breakfast
QT Gold Coast breakfast at Bazaar

I had more in common with Mr Bean with a cocktail shaker in my hand, not Tom Cruise in the movie, Cocktail. Stingray specialises in gin, my favourite spirit, so even if my cool bartending skills weren’t the best, I was still in cocktail heaven. This class wasn’t just loads of fun, I also created a bespoke cocktail – Coconut Chaos – with expert advice from our bartender, coconut cream and Chaos gin.

With lots of chill time, resting, swimming, eating and indulging in an excellent spa (including time in the spa’s fancy hamman-style steam room), we both agreed qtQT Gold Coast was a winner. So much so, that we’re looking at booking the space for a private party with friends. Our only minor grumble was the midnight clamber to the bathroom, but it’s a small price to pay for such a unique stay.

Disclosure: The writers stayed at qtQT Gold Coast in a qtQT cabin as guests of QT Gold Coast. They would not hesitate to book another stay at qtQT Gold Coast or book out the space for a night away with friends at their own expense.

Looking for some things to do on the Gold Coast? Some of our favourite Gold Coast activities include hot air ballooning, whale watching, jet boating, visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary or David Fleay Wildlife Park, indoor skydiving with iFly, bushwalking in the Gold Coast’s national parks, SkyPoint Climb, exploring the Gold Coast’s markets, checking out the local cafe scene, and enjoying the Gold Coast for free. There’s also plenty of fun to be had if you visit the Gold Coast in winter or have some wet weather.

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