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Taking your kids to the Singapore Zoo orangutan breakfast is a lot of fun but you don’t want to monkey around when it comes to getting the most of this experience. Here are my top 10 tips for the ‘Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife’ at Singapore Zoo.

1. Is the Orangutan breakfast good value?

The ‘Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife’, as the orangutan breakfast is officially known, costs about the same as a regular hotel buffet breakfast which doesn’t include any animal antics. The Jungle Breakfast food is on par with what you would expect to find on the buffet at a four star hotel with plenty of choices available to tempt travellers of all nationalities. If your accommodation doesn’t include breakfast, the breakfast at Singapore Zoo is quite good value.

Checking out the breakfast
Checking out the breakfast

2. Eat breakfast before the show

Make sure you arrive in plenty of time so you can have breakfast early and then focus completely on the show. When we arrived at 9.20am (around 10 mins before the show started), many of the more popular breakfast items were gone or had almost run out. If you wait until after the show to eat, you won’t be having breakfast until around 10am which is quite late, especially if you are travelling with young children.

3. Arrive early to get a seat at the front

It is worth arriving early to get a seat near the front where the orangutans sit. If you end up at one of the tables down the back, you probably won’t see much at all which can be especially frustrating for the kids.

Get a seat near the front like these ones
Get a seat near the front like these ones

4. Use any waiting time to plan your Singapore Zoo visit

If you have any free time between finishing your breakfast and the beginning of the show, keep the kids busy by giving them a map of the zoo so they can plan their visit. This means you will be ready to go and can beat the crowds when the show finishes.

5. Watch the orangutans come down to the platform

When the show host starts talking, look up into the trees and you will see the orangutans swinging through the treetops on their way to their platform in the restaurant. This was one of our favourite parts of the show.

"Look up, here they come!"
“Look up, here they come!”

6. Don’t let kids run to the stage

We witnessed what could have been quite a dangerous situation when a little girl ran towards the platform in her excitement to see the orangutans. Luckily the quick thinking trainers managed to intercept her before she got within reach of them. It could be a good idea to let your children know in advance that they need to stay seated and need to wait their turn to meet the orangutans. Keep an eye on them so they don’t walk up to the front of the stage unattended like the little girl below.

Don't let your kids approach the orangutans without permission
Don’t let your kids approach the orangutans without permission

7. Get up straight away at photo time

After one of the trainers gives an entertaining talk about the orangutans, you will be invited to line up to have your photos taken with them. If you get up promptly, you will be able to have your pictures taken quickly and then continue with your zoo visit rather than having to wait around while everyone in front of you goes first.

8. It’s okay if you can’t get up the front first

If you do end up getting delayed on your way to the photo queue, don’t worry as everyone gets a turn to have their photo taken.

9. You can take your own photos

If you don’t want to pay for the official photos and would prefer to take some shots with your own camera this is no problem but you will need to line up so one family member is available (and ready) to take the photo while the others pose.

You can take your own photos
You can take your own photos

10. Be ready to take your photos

The photo taking happens very quickly so you need to be ready to capture the shot or you could miss it.  Make sure you are positioned in a good spot and have a clear view before your family steps into position with the orangutans.

Disclosure: The writer was a guest of Singapore Tourism. Her family paid for their tickets. You can book your tickets using this link at no additional cost to you.

We also visited the Singapore ZooRiver Safari next door to Singapore Zoo if you would like to know more about what else is on offer nearby. If you would like to do both, it makes sense to combine the two activities on the same day.

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