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Chilling Out Noosa Style

There are plenty of reasons to stay at one of the apartments on Hastings Street at Noosa with loads of amazing dining, bars, and cafes plus stunning Noosa Beach, the boardwalk and Noosa National Park right on your doorstep. Noosa offers accommodation options to suit every budget, from the cheap and cheerful youth hostel Halse Lodge to high end beachfront apartments on Hastings Street.

I Love Noosa
I Love Noosa

Staying on the beach side of Hastings Street at some of the best accommodation in Noosa Heads is expensive and you might ask yourself, “Is it worth the cost?” I have stayed at a number of beachfront hotels at Noosa over the years and can say that for the most part it is. But there are a few important things to look out for, especially when you’re parting with such big bucks. Firstly, not all of the beach side apartments at your hotel will necessarily have “the view”.

Do your research and ask for one of beachfront rooms on a higher floor if you can get it. This isn’t a guarantee you’ll get the best view, of course, but it will certainly help to increase your chances. Of course, if you only pay for a studio room overlooking Hastings Street you can’t expect to get that famous beach view. But you should definitely get it if you’ve paid for it.

Some Hastings Street hotels charge the same for all of their ‘beachfront’ rooms, despite some have much better views than others. It can be worth calling the hotel to request one of the better rooms and then keep your fingers crossed. Many of the high end hotels along Hastings Street such as Seahaven Noosa, On the Beach, Netanya, and Tingirana have undergone significant renovations. If you’re going to pay the big dollars, it can be worth choosing one of the recently renovated hotels so you really get your money’s worth.

Noosa Sunrise
Noosa sunrise

If you don’t want to take out a second mortgage and your budget won’t stretch to a beachfront hotel, you can always enjoy the same view from one of the Hastings Street restaurants along the famous stretch of sand. Some of these such as Season Restaurant have also had major renovations and are looking better than ever. So who has the best and brightest views at Noosa? Here are our suggestions for some of the best Hastings Street accommodation and restaurants with views.

Netanya Noosa

Located at the southern end of the Noosa’s famous boardwalk, near the entrance to the National Park, Netanya Noosa has superb views of Main Beach, the Noosa boardwalk, and the National Park. Netanya has refurbished its apartments from the older 90s plantation shutter style to modern beach chic. Rooms range from ground level with pool access to level three, with the latter having best views. Lower floors have obstructed views due to beach side foliage which limits views of the beach.

If your budget will stretch, the penthouses come with a sundeck where you can work on your tan and make the most of the impressive outlook. Out the front of Netanya Noosa you will find one of the best beachside restaurant views at Sails. Sails is one of the Noosa’s most popular and longstanding beachfront restaurants. Inside the complex there’s Providore on Hastings for gourmet provisions and coffee, and Fuss Spa for some pampering during your stay.

Sails Retaurant Noosa

Sails Restaurant at Noosa continues to attract a loyal clientele who often drop by for a bite to eat at lunch time and end up staying for dinner. Whether you are seeking classic fish and chips or something more sophisticated, the regionally inspired food, glorious beach views and friendly service will leave you smiling. If you’re after a front and centre table book early but be careful of your timing as some tables end up in full sun and are not very pleasant on a hot summer’s day. Sails is the perfect spot for a romantic lunch. If you’re coming here for dinner, try to time your arrival so you can enjoy the sunset.

Enjoying the view at Sails
Enjoying the view at Sails

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Tingirana Noosa

Tingirana Noosa has one of the best pools on the boardwalk strip and is fresh, modern and located right on the beach. Recently rebuilt from the ground up, Tingirana is effectively totally new, with loads of modern features that make this hotel one of best on Hastings Street. With walls removed to offer an open plan layout and the addition of king beds, modern furniture, plus a balcony area that is second to none, Tingirana definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. The only problem now is getting a booking with rooms often booked out months in advance. One big bonus with staying here is the day room which has a changing area and shower facilities so you can enjoy the beautiful pool and Noosa’s beach to the full, even after you check out of your room.

Noosa Beach in the morning

Bistro C

Bistro C is one of Noosa’s most romantic spots to watch the sun go down. Order a Sea Haze cocktail and sit back and relax as suntanned beach goers wander past along the Noosa boardwalk. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bistro C is always popular with both locals and visitors alike. Arrive early or book in advance for the best tables but again be aware of the time of day and the sun. Some of the prime beachfront tables get super sunny and will bake you faster than a Bistro C souffle. If you’re want to enjoy a pre-dinner drink as you watch the sun go down, don’t be put off by the Reserved signs on the tables along the beach. It is always worth asking if you can sit down for a drink before the dinner crowd arrive.

Enjoying the view at Bistro C
Enjoying the view at Bistro C

Seahaven Noosa

Staying at Seahaven Noosa and watching the passing parade on Noosa’s main beach is like having A Reserve seats for the best show in town. One of the original hotels on Hastings Street, this property has been almost completely rebuilt from the ground up. There are three outdoor swimming pools, including a kid’s wading pool, making this hotel a top choice for sun loving families. Not all rooms at this apartment hotel have “the view” so ask for one the rooms at the southern end of the complex for the best beach outlook. Seahaven is stunning and well worth the price for its location alone, even if you stay in one of the affordable studio rooms with no beach view.

Penthouse at Seahaven Noosa
Penthouse at Seahaven Noosa

Season Restaurant

While Season Restaurant is open all day it is hard to go past the breakfast menu. Start with a glass of freshly squeezed juice followed by house-made ham-hock baked beans or enjoy a sweet start to the day with buttermilk pancakes topped with pecan ice-cream and caramelised banana. Season is one of the freshest restaurant picks along Hastings Street thanks to its recent major makeover. Again, like all the restaurants on the beach, arrive or book early for the best tables and also go for the staff recommendations when it comes to ordering. You won’t be disappointed.

Have breakfast at Season
Have breakfast at Season

Fairshore Beachfront Apartments

There’s no such thing as a bad room at Fairshore Beachfront Apartments as all of the accommodation fronts directly onto the sands of Noosa’s main beach and offers uninterrupted ocean views. I haven’t stayed here but have often looked onto the pool and rooms with envious eyes. Fairshore is not as modern as some of its competition but this is made up for by its uninterrupted views of the beach and bay. There’s also the pool area that has many a passer by green with envy just like myself. One big plus with staying here is the ability to book a particular apartment by number so you don’t get that disappointed feeling on check-in if you don’t get the room you were hoping for. There is no in-house restaurant but with plenty of nearby restaurants to choose from, this isn’t a problem.

On The Beach Noosa

On the Beach is a little quirky in its design and its room designations. You do get what you pay for with the penthouse and beachfront rooms. However, while the beach view rooms do offer a view of the beach, you don’t get “the view”. These rooms are located along the sides of the building and the view can be obstructed. This hotel has also had a major upgrade to bring all the rooms up to Noosa’s modern beach chic level of style. It’s also in a prime position in the very centre of Hastings Street with Bistro C located directly below.

Celebrate in style at On the Beach Noosa

Disclosure: The writer loves visiting Noosa at any time of year and never tires of gazing at “that view”.

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