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Are you approaching a ‘big birthday’ and thinking of going on a trip to mark the occasion?  If so, you could be in danger of becoming a mid-life crisis traveller. These five warning signs might just save you from booking a midlife crisis holiday you’re going to regret.

1. Finally going on that ‘OMG, so amazing’ trip

Remember how, just before you turned 21, you talked about going to Ibiza to party in your bikini until the sun came up? Just because you now have the money to do the holiday you always dreamed of when you were younger, doesn’t mean that you should. Do they even make crochet bikinis in a generous size 16?  Trust us, you don’t want to find out.

2. Opting for weird destinations

If you’ve seldom ventured beyond tried-and-true travel spots such as Paris, London and Bali, but your upcoming ‘big birthday’ trip has you working out how to explore the likes of Guatemala, Colombia and Nigeria, stop right now. While you’re never too old to travel beyond your comfort zone, you should do it without the risk of possibly getting yourself killed.

3. Scaling impossible heights

Instead of conquering your fear of aging, you decide it’s a much better idea to conquer a peak like Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro. Never climbed a mountain before? No problem. That’s what good preparation (and a whole lot of money spent on personal trainers) is for. If you’ve always loved climbing major peaks, go ahead. However, if this is a totally new thing, embracing the aging process and will probably make you happier.

Hiking  in snow
Are we there yet ….

4. Spending your ‘big birthday’ at a health retreat

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself – you’re missing a major opportunity. Celebrating a birthday is the perfect excuse to have fun with friends, let your hair down, drink expensive Champagne and generally enjoy life. Marking the occasion with raw foods and a juice fast isn’t going to cut it.

Mmmm, yummy…..happy birthday to me

5. Staying at a backpackers

Actually, this one isn’t necessarily such a bad idea. Long blonde hair and a cute Swedish accent may help you pick up members of the opposite sex but it’s not a requirement for hostel entry. Neither is a freshly minted 18+ ID. Hostels are often called ‘youth hostels’ but in reality they’re popular with travellers of all ages who value clean, simple accommodation at an affordable price. However, you might want to do it minus the thongs for the shower and opt for the grown-up luxury of a private room with its own ensuite. Don’t even think about chatting up other backpackers who are much younger (and much better looking) than you. You’re old enough to know better.

What if you’re already a mid-life crisis traveller?

If you read some of the things above and cringed, don’t worry. Even if you’ve already turned into a mid-life traveller, booking an airfare and seeing the world is much better (and much cheaper) than buying an expensive sports car or having an affair and getting divorced.

Disclosure: The writer is planning her own mid-life crisis trip. There definitely won’t be any crocheted string bikinis or juice detoxes involved.

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