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JAAN Singapore

Derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for ‘bowl’, JAAN Singapore is an intimate restaurant dedicated to showcasing Modern French cuisine. The ornate interior features a stunning Murano crystal and silver free-form chandelier that is eclipsed by only two things: the breathtaking view of Singapore and the exquisite food. The Jaan Singapore menu offers plenty of tempting options for discerning diners. Much of the restaurant’s success comes down to chef de cuisine Julien Royer. He was named the ‘One to Watch’ in San Pellegrino’s ‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ and his rise to stardom has only continued.

Enjoying the view from JAAN

Once you have eaten at JAAN it is easy to see why. With less than 40 seats, Royer has the opportunity to showcase his craft and creativity and the results are sublime. His artisanal menu is built around a passion to highlight the freshest of ingredients through simple but beautiful dishes. The result is imaginative, innovative cuisine that celebrates and respects seasonality, terroir, and the skills of the world’s best gourmet producers.  As is the case with most high-calibre restaurants, lunch is invariably cheaper than dinner and so it is at JAAN. While the thought of watching the twinkling night time lights of Singapore is hard to resist, there is much to be said for enjoying the stunning scenery by day.

JAAN Singapore
Amuse bouche at JAAN

Diners could be excused for being distracted by such an amazing view but there is no chance of that happening at JAAN. Royer creates the kind of food that commands attention. Lunch is a multi-course affair that begins with a share plate of amuse bouche followed by JAAN’s famous mushroom soup which somehow manages to be rich yet light at the same time. After the mushroom tea is added to the sabayon it resembles a frothy cappuccino.

JAAN Singapore
Mushroom soup

Next is ‘Autumn Garden,’ a star dish from the latest menu. It is a homage to fall and features vegetables such as Jerusalem and Chinese artichokes, chervil and parsley roots as well as parsnips, each delicately cooked and treated with different methods. The vegetables are interlaced with a specialty smoked ham from Auvergne that adds a subtle saltiness, alongside parsley sponge, and velvety purées of parsnip and white chocolate, artichoke and almond, and sweet chestnut. It is (almost) too pretty to eat.  

JAAN Singapore
Autumn garden at JAAN
JAAN Singapore
Delicate rainbow trout
JAAN Singapore
Richly satisfying roasted venison for ‘mains’
JAAN Singapore
Creatively presented grapefruit sorbet is the ideal palate cleanser.
JAAN Singapore
Dessert at JAAN

After a delicate dish of confit rainbow trout accompanied by florets of winter vegetables it is time for the decadent ‘main course’ of roasted venison served with Brussels sprouts, roasted garlic and radicchio. It is a richly rewarding dish with delightfully robust flavours. Dessert is a refreshingly light concoction of citrus flavours with the accompanying saffron ‘soup’ served on the side in a test tube. It is whimsical and refreshing, the perfect finish to our gratifying multi-course meal.  And of course, there is always room for a little something extra. Rosemary ice-cream might sound unusual but as is the case with all the food at JAAN, these innovative lollipop-like treats are divine.

JAAN Singapore
Rosemary ice-cream ‘lollipops’

Disclosure: The writer dined as a guest of JAAN Singapore. She would not hesitate to return to this restaurant at her own expense.

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