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Holidays can be expensive but there are plenty of ways to save money along the way. The following travel tips will save a couple travelling together around $250 per day (or more in some cases!).

1. Self-cater for breakfast

Swap breakfast at a hotel or cafe for something simpler (and cheaper). Pick up a muffin at the nearest bakery or arrive at your destination with a box of breakfast bars. If your accommodation has a kettle it is much cheaper to have your first hot drink of the day in your room before you head out. You can still drop into a cafe for some people watching but save it for later in the day.

Skip the room service breakfast and save

2. Take public transport

Opt for the airport train or bus instead of a taxi. In some cases, this will not only be cheaper – it will be quicker too. Yes, Sydney traffic, I’m talking about you! If you are going to be travelling in a country where you don’t speak the language, research your options on-line before you go. Most major foreign transport websites are also available in English.

Skip the taxi and save money
Skip the taxi and save money

3. Take a cooking class

Want to learn about your destination’s culture and enjoy a delicious local meal?  Cooking classes are an excellent way to save money when you travel. In addition to providing a half-day ‘cultural experience’ similar to a tour, you will learn new skills to take home and one of your meals for the day will also be covered. Cooking classes generally cost far less than the combined price of a half day tour plus lunch or dinner at a restaurant.

Do a cooking class
Do a cooking class

4. Stay longer and save

Wherever you decide to sleep it is almost always cheaper to stay longer. Ask if there are discounts for week long bookings or complimentary upgrades to the next room category for longer stays. Even if you are going to be out of the room for a couple of days, this can still work out cheaper in some instances.

5. Research before you go

While it is fun to be spontaneous, learning about your destination beforehand will help you avoid costly mistakes.

6. Go out for lunch, not dinner

Lunch is almost always cheaper than dinner especially at upmarket restaurants with a strong evening trade. Keep an eye out for specials designed to get people through the door for this traditionally quieter sitting.

Save on dining
Go out for lunch, not dinner

7. Take a free tour

Many cities around the world are part of the Global Greeter Network. If you visit a Global Greeter city, the office can connect you with a local Greeter who will show you around their city. Greeter tours are not only fantastic fun – they are also free!  We loved our greeter tour in Florence.

Save money on your next trip! The following travel tips can save a couple travelling together around $250 per day. Families save even more.
Exploring Florence with our volunteer guide Roberto

8. Shop at a farmers’ market

A trip to the local farmers’ market makes for an enjoyable outing and provides all you need for a picnic. It also helps you appreciate your destination’s culinary landscape.

Shop at a Farmer's Market
Shop at a Farmer’s Market

9. Look for travel discounts

Many restaurants and local attractions offer online coupons that can knock hundreds off your next holiday. Start by checking the website of the place you want to visit. When you arrive at your destination it is also worth checking the local visitor guide for clip out offers, particularly in the USA where coupons are king.

10. Get active

Walking is a great (free) way to see a city. Active sightseeing also helps to ensure your pants will button up when you get back home!

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