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Jetlag is an unwelcome travelling companion on most long haul trips but there are ways to avoid it. If you are heading overseas and have been wondering how to beat jetlag, the following tips should help.

1. Adjust your sleep pattern slightly before you leave home. Going to bed an hour or two earlier or later will help your body adjust when you land.

2. Leave home well-rested. Staying up late the night before, either partying or in an attempt to sleep on the plane, will only make you cranky.

3. Reset your watch and your brain to local time when you board the flight. Avoid thinking about what time it is back home.

4. Be well-organised when you travel. It is much easier to nap on a plane when you aren’t worrying if your first hotel booking actually went through.

5. Drink lots of water before, during and after the flight. Even if you don’t feel thirsty while you’re in the air, have at least one large glass of water every hour.

6. Reconsider the old adage of staying awake all day on arrival, particularly if you don’t sleep well on planes. When you’ve been in transit for 24 hours sometimes a one hour power nap followed by a normal bedtime is a better plan. Remember to set your alarm and when it rings – get up!

7. Don’t feel compelled to consume every little morsel of that in-flight meal. Eating lightly will see you arrive in better shape.

8. Move around while you are in the air to avoid that sluggish feeling which seems to last long after the plane has landed.

9. Avoid alcohol before, during and immediately after your flight. It will only make you feel worse, not better.

10. Fresh air and natural light helps to reset your body clock. Head out sightseeing for the day after you have arrived and freshened up.

Disclosure: The writer hates jetlag and hopes the above tips are helpful.

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