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Did you know taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel instead of public transport can be cheaper and timing your flight arrival carefully can save you hundreds? Read on to discover how to travel smarter and more cheaply to and from the airport to your hotel.

Plan your flight times

That cheap flight deal might not be so cheap after all. If you are planning on catching public transport to or from the airport, check it will be running before you book your flights. Late night and early morning arrivals can cost more than they save if you have to catch a taxi.

Stay at the airport

Consider staying at an airport hotel such as the Pullman Brisbane Airport if you are flying late at night or early in the morning. Most are a short walk or shuttle bus ride away from the terminal or even inside the airport. It couldn’t be easier getting to and from the airport when you stay at these hotels.

Is public transport available

Check what public transport is available and don’t assume the fastest is the best option. For example, in Seoul the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) is the quickest way to get to and from central Seoul.

However, the airport bus will take you straight to your hotel. If you are travelling with children or tired after the flight, the bus could be a better option.

Check the costs of an Uber

If you are travelling with friends or family, a taxi or an Uber could be cheaper than taking public transport to and from your hotel. Share the cost and save. 

Buy transport tickets in advance

If you are catching a bus or train, check if it is cheaper to buy tickets online or in advance. Doing so can save up to 75% off the fare when you are travelling to or from an airport.

Limit your luggage

While all airport stations have lifts, there may not be one at the station near your hotel (yes, Paris, I’m talking about you). Limit yourself to one suitcase and pack light so you can use public transport with ease or consider travelling with a backpack rather than a suitcase.

Check the fare

If you are planning on taking a taxi, check the going rate before you arrive at your destination. For example, taxis at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport charge a standard flat rate. Not using the meter at another airport could be a scam. Don’t get caught.

Disclosure: The writer is a fan of using public transport to get to and from the airport. She tries to time her flights to arrive and depart during daylight hours or in the early evening when it’s easier (and safer) to take the bus or train. 

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