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Vietnam offers an appealing mix of cultural immersion, action and adventure, natural beauty, and a diverse and tempting national cuisine. Bordering three countries – Laos, China and Cambodia – it is a melting pot of architectural styles, street life, iconic national dishes and stunning scenery. Vietnam offers everything from historic quarters which have changed little over the years to elaborate temples, European palaces, and rivers that transport people and goods around the country. There are verdant green rice paddies, elaborate pagodas, national parks, and pulsing cities to explore. However, it is the warm welcome and kindness of the locals which will stay with you long after you return home. 


Cruise around Halong Bay
Visit the world's largest cave
Drink Vietnamese coffee
Eat pho at a street stall
Join a war history tour
Walk across the Golden Bridge
See the Mekong Delta
Go swimming at the beach
Explore Cat Tien National Park
Learning how to make Banh Chung in Vietnam

Learning how to make Banh Chung

Village dancers


Vietnam has not one but two monsoon seasons which are hot and humid with a lot of rain. These run from May to September in the south and October to April in the north east. When you decide to visit Vietnam should be guided by which part of the country you are going to and what you would like to do. For example, if you’re planning on hiking in one of the national parks, opting for a time when temperatures are cooler and the humidity and rainfall is lower is a wise choice. If you’re visiting several different spots throughout Vietnam, any time from February to April is a good option for skipping the worst of the wet season. Mid year should be avoided as it tends to be wet and exceptionally hot throughout Vietnam.


The traffic in Vietnam is crazy. Cross the road with locals and follow their lead. Keep an even pace, never stop walking and bikes will go around you. 

Don’t just visit the capital cities. Smaller towns and local villages are equally captivating in their own way and shouldn’t be missed. 

Vietnam is a diverse country which means you’ll need time to really do it justice. It’s best to choose just a couple of regions to see and do them well.

Use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Avoid foods which may have been washed in the local water and wash your hands often. 

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