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The United States is vast with 50 different states and everything from sophisticated cities to natural wonders and the world’s best theme parks to explore. Every type of traveller will find plenty of things to see and do, from dining out at superb restaurants to visiting world class museums, visiting mighty monuments and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, and experiencing the fun of Disneyland or Las Vegas if you’re a grown up. While famous cities like New York and San Francisco are a must see, it’s also worth getting out of town and heading for the hills to walk amongst the wilderness in places like Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon. With so much to see one trip to the USA is never enough. 


Go on a ride at Disneyland
Shop at an outlet mall
Hike the Grand Canyon
Spot aligators at the Everglades
Go surfing at Waikiki
See a baseball game
Visit Kennedy Space Center
Drive along Highway 1
See a show in New York

Go surfing at Waikiki

Stroll along the Manhattan Pier


The United States is a big place so it’s no surprise the climate varies greatly across the country. Most states experience the four seasons although you’ll notice this more in some places than others. During summer, it’s pleasantly warm up north although the evenings can get cool. The southern states are a tropical treat morning, noon and night and can get very hot. In autumn, things start to cool down throughout the States. It’s not uncommon to see snow in winter up north. Rain tends to fall throughout the country in spring as temperatures start to warm up and the humidity increases. 


Wages are low in the United States and tipping is a way of life. Read up on tipping etiquette before you go and make like a local when it’s time to tip. 

Don’t even think about visiting the States without travel insurance. Even a basic medical issue can blitz your holiday budget if you have to pay.

Americans love the Australian accent but often have trouble understanding it. Speak slowly and offer to repeat yourself if people look confused.

A sightseeing CityPass which covers multiple attractions can save you hundreds of dollars and cut down wait times to enter attractions.



Dr Tiana Templeman is an award-winning food and travel journalist, travel author and media industry academic. She is the creator of The Travel Temple, writes for Australian and international media outlets and appears on radio talking about where to go, what to see and travel industry trends.