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Thailand has a tropical climate that is as warm as the locals’ smiles, stunning temples, sandy beaches, superb national parks, and some of the best food in Asia. The capital of Bangkok is the first stop for most travellers. It has a lively nightlife, hotels to suit every taste and budget, excellent shopping, historic temples, and a river which connects them all. And then there’s the islands which look like they’re straight from a picture postcard. You’re biggest challenge will be deciding which ones to visit. Phuket offers much more than than the party vibe of Patong with superb beaches, a fascinating history, and a charming historic quarter filled with restored shophouses. Koh Phi Phi is so stunning it was used as a filming location for a James Bond film. Koh Samui is a tourist favourite while Koh Lanta offers a laid back holiday with a friendly vibe and great snorkelling. Whatever type of holiday you prefer, you’re sure to everything you’re looking for and more in Thailand. 


Join a street food tour
See the Grand Palace in Bangkok
Bargain at a night market
Go swimming at the beach
Get a Thai massage
Cruise the Chao Phraya River
Watch the sunset in Koh Samui
Visit a floating market
Stroll around Phuket's Old Town

Experience the excitement of Bangkok

Bangkok floating market

Eat at a floating market


Northern, Northeast, and Central Thailand all have three different seasons: hot, cool and rainy. The months vary depending on which region you’re visiting but as a general guide the hot season starts in February, the rainy season starts in May, and the cool season begins in October. Thailand’s south only has two seasons: wet and dry. The temperatures vary less here but it can get very wet for several months starting in November. When you decide to visit Thailand should be guided by which part of the country you are going to and what you would like to do. For example, if you’re planning on visiting an island to swim and soak up the sun, opting for a season when the rainfall is lower is a wise choice. 


Dress modestly when you’re out and about and remember to wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders if you’re planning on visiting temple. 

Haggling is common at most markets. Do your best to reach a mutually agreeable price as the vendor probably needs the money more than you do. 

The traffic can be crazy. Cross the road with locals and follow their lead. Keep an even pace, never stop walking, and watch for rapidly approaching traffic. 

Use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Avoid foods which may have been washed in the local water and wash your hands often. 




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