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It is hard to think of a more romantic destination than Fiji. With its lush tropical landscape, luxurious resorts, pristine white beaches and sunsets which get more spectacular with each passing night, Fiji is even more gorgeous than the holiday brochures make out. Fiji is comprised of 333 different islands but most visitors begin their journey at Nadi, a bustling town that is home to the main international airport. From here you might choose to stay on the main island of Viti Levu and enjoy some five star luxury at Denarau or head further afield to the Coral Coast, a well established yet lesser known part of Fiji’s coastline dotted with swaying palm trees, attractive resorts and laidback local villages. For those who want a classic island holiday, the closest option is the Mamanucas island chain where the movie Cast Away was filmed. Further afield there are the remote Yasawa, Vanua Levu and Taveuni islands. Whether you travel 20 minutes by taxi to Denarau or enjoy a leisurely 2 hour boat cruise to the Mamanucas or beyond, there is plenty to keep you entertained.


Spend the day on Tivua Island
Volunteer at a local village
Watch a rugby match
Visit Modriki Island
Try the local dish kokoda
Relax under a palm tree
Watch the sunset one night
Go swimming at the beach
Go to 'Lovo Night' at a resort
Vanua Levu in Fiji

Chill out under the palm trees

Go swimming or snorkelling


Fiji’s dry season runs from May to October and offers pleasant temperatures with little chance of rain. However, these months are also the most popular time to visit which equates to more tourists and higher prices. Avoid the Australian school holidays during the dry season at all costs if you don’t have children as prices are sky high and the resorts and islands are busy. Prices are low during the wet season but rainfall is high and tropical cyclones are common. 


Some travellers mistakenly assume the constant cries of ‘Bula’ are put on for tourists but the traditional greeting is heartfelt. 

Things happen slowly in Fiji compared to back home. Switch into ‘Fiji time’ and you will love the Fijians’ ‘Don’t hurry, be happy’ vibe.

If you want to get a feel for the ‘real Fiji’, nothing beats a visit to a Fijian village. Dress modestly and take off your shoes before you go inside. 

The muddy, peppery, lip-numbing flavour of traditional kava is an acquired taste but its effects make settling into ‘Fiji time’ a breeze.

Fiji resort


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