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Betty's Burgers

If you’re heading to Noosa and craving a burger, this spot on Hastings Street should be your first stop. The Betty’s Burgers menu is short and sweet with just six burger choices (including a vego option) plus a $7 kid’s burger.

Our family of two adults and a hungry teen opted for two $10 Betty’s Classic burgers (one with bacon for an extra $3), and one Crispy Chicken burger which had southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, and Betty’s special sauce.

The request to ‘hold the tomato’ on the Crispy Chicken burger was met with a friendly ‘no worries’ and the burger arrived as ordered.

Betty's Burgers at Noosa
Betty’s Burgers at 4pm
Betty's Burgers at Noosa
Burger time at Betty’s Burgers
Betty's Burgers at Noosa
Burgers and onion rings

We also got some onion rings which were crispy and delicious. It’s worth getting some Betty’s special sauce for an extra $2 to go with them.

The teen ordered a Vanilla Thick Shake and didn’t speak for about 5 minutes after it arrived. It was declared so good that he had to give it his full attention. Definitely worth the $8.

Betty's Burgers at Noosa
Vanilla thick shake

We were hungry after spending the morning spotting dolphins so we decided to share two concretes for dessert. If you’re wondering what a concrete is, they’re frozen custard ice-cream sundaes mixed with ingredients like honeycomb and hot fudge to passionfruit, cream and raspberries.

Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can create your own for $6, with each mix-in costing an extra $1. Sundaes such as Almond Toffee Marshmallow and Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake (which is what we had) cost $8 each.

Betty's Burgers at Noosa
Betty’s Burger Concretes

We tried of the Almond Toffee Marshmallow, which included chocolate custard, almond toffee, marshmallow sauce, salted caramel sauce, vanilla cream and cinnamon sugar, and the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake.

We felt the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake, which had vanilla custard, lemon curd, lemon zest, raspberries, New York cheesecake and graham cookie crumble, had the edge. 

If you hadn’t eaten a burger first like we did and were just dropping into Betty’s for ice cream, the Almond Toffee Marshmallow might have taken out first prize though.

We preferred the ‘lighter’ (I use that term very loosely, the concretes are rich and super sweet) taste of the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake concrete after our burgers. However, the Almond Toffee Marshmallow had my favourite flavour combination.

Betty's Burgers at Noosa
This Vespa doesn’t belong to Betty’s Burgers but we loved the colour match

The one downside of Betty’s Burgers is its popularity and the queue which often stretches down Hastings Street. However, the staff have got managing this down to a fine art.

Everyone gets a menu to peruse while they’re waiting and you’re invited in to order at the counter once a table is available for you and your friends or family.

A staff member holds your table and invites you to sit down with your buzzer after you’ve ordered. When your buzzer goes off, you can either get the burger yourself or, if a staff member spots you going up to the counter, they’ll usually fetch it for you.

Betty's Burgers at Noosa
Betty’s Burger is deservedly popular

Not only were the burgers delicious, we were really impressed with the staff who were super-friendly and proactive, chatting to people waiting for a seat, giving them tips for things to see and do in Noosa, and scooting up to the counter get people’s burgers. 

Don’t be deterred if the queue at Betty’s Burgers is long. People tend to eat their burgers and then leave so the wait for a table isn’t usually too long unless you’re dining as a larger group. If so, dining outside peak times could be a good idea.

Betty’s Burgers stores can be found throughout Australia. However, it’s hard to go past the cute beach shack ambience of the Noosa outlet. Remember, you don’t need to have your burger and concrete at the same time.

Next time, we’ll have a burger for lunch and drop back later – maybe after a swim at the beach which is a 30 second walk away – for a concrete treat in the afternoon.

Disclosure: The writer visited Noosa as a guest of Tourism Noosa.

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