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These air travel tips will help make your next flight more enjoyable, whether you are travelling in first class or economy.

1. The first flight of the morning is usually on-time as the plane is already at the airport.

2. Airlines’ suggested connection times can be rather tight. Consider taking an earlier flight than the recommended option, particularly if you are flying into a large airport.

3. If you are flying at night and want to eat then sleep, it can be a good idea to order a special meal as these are delivered first.

4. Bring soft, loose fitting clothes to change into on long haul flights. You’ll have a more comfortable trip and that smart travelling outfit will still look (and smell) fresh when you slip it on again prior to arrival.

5. Always travel with a few snacks in case your flight is delayed or arrives later than expected.

6. Early morning and late night domestic departures tend to offer the best value.

7. Cabin temperatures can vary so dress in layers, particularly if you are taking a long haul flight.

8. Request an exit row seat if you are not keen on sitting next to young kids. Children are not permitted to occupy these seats for safety reasons.

9. Bring a water bottle and refill it regularly on long haul flights. Having the occasional glass of water with meals isn’t enough to keep you hydrated.

10. It can be worth packing your own essentials such as a sleep mask and ear plugs as even full-service airlines have cut down on their international economy class amenity kits.

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