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Trevor Templeman’s talent as a photographer first came to light in 2001 when he entered a ‘holiday snap’ competition and won a five month around-the-world adventure worth $65,000. After honing his skills in some of the world’s most iconic cities, Trevor developed a fascination for photography and his passion became a career. Since then, he has combined his photographic skills with a flair for blogging and now manages The Travel Temple with his business and life partner Tiana Templeman.

Trevor’s portfolio comprises photographs from a diverse range of exhibitions and editorial projects and includes everything from Formula 1 racing to celebrity chefs, idyllic islands, glamorous hotels and classic European street scenes. In addition to writing and shooting images for The Travel Temple, his photographs regularly appear in travel magazines, newspapers and online media outlets.

Email/ ttempleman [at] bigpond [dot] com
Mobile/ +61 (0)403 866786
Facebook/ trevortempleman
Instagram/ trevortempleman

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Trevor Templeman is a photographer and writer who travels the world capturing the essence of locations through their landscape, architecture and people. His words and photographs are published in magazines, newspapers and online around the world.